Vital Information

Enter the Amazon ASIN or UPC to access Amazon’s existing data on your product or skip this section and move on to the next section.


Often times products require some prep work even before they leave for Amazon inbound centers. It is important to include these costs into your analysis. This includes measuring the labor costs.

Best Poly Bags
Best Label
Best Tape
Best Case Boxes
Best Air Chamber


Each category has a different fee for fulfillment. Choose the category that best fits your product.

Dimension and Weight:

Enter the dimension and weight of your product in inches and pounds (lbs).

Shipping Into Amazon:

When you send a small parcel, it tends to be more expensive than palettes. But Amazon has a deep discounted rate so shipping usually is the best rate you will find. Get this number by dividing your average inbound costs by your product’s pounds. If its your first time an average of .50 a unit is normal for medium sized goods.

COGS and Retail Cost:

Enter the cost it requires for you to make your product, and the retail cost you want to sell it for:


You want to aim for an advertising cost of 5%-10%, maybe more when you start and less down the road. You can see your average %ACOS in the advertising section in your account.


How many units are you planning on selling? Enter that approx. number here: